Don't Worry Baby

88 Minutes

Writer/Director: Julian Branciforte
Produced by: Nick Shore, Thomas Kaier, Sam Harper, Jean Raphael-Ambron, Jonathan Sutak
Starring: John Magaro, Christopher McDonald, Dreama Walker, Tom Lipinski, Talia Balsam

A struggling photographer and his philandering father unknowingly have a one-night stand with the same woman. Four years later, they learn that either one of them might have fathered her daughter.

Winner: Audience Award, 2016 Sun Valley Film Festival

Branciforte’s sly, incisive writing and even-handed take on his authentic characters errs on the side of wit, candor and a kind of hip sophistication.

-LA Times

“Don’t Worry Baby” benefits from tidy editing, cinematography and, most of all, the presence of the seasoned Mr. McDonald and Ms. Balsam. Their nuanced authority — and the vibrant Manhattan backdrop — make the trip worthwhile.

- New York Times

Branciforte’s inaugural feature is a joy to watch.

-The Playlist