(In Development)

Director: Jonathan Sutak
Producer: Jonathan Sutak, Mara Bresnahan

Jonathan Sutak is an independent film producer and director from New York City, currently living in Los Angeles. His short documentary, The Foreigner, won Best Short Documentary at the 2015 Las Vegas Film Festival. His feature documentary, Dons of Disco, World Premiered at the 2018 Rome Film Festival and had its US Premiere at the 2018 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.

Mara Bresnahan is a documentary film programmer and festival director based in Cambridge, MA. She currently serves as the festival director for the Boston ReelAbilities Film Festival and as a programmer for the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and the Brooklyn Film Festival. A fan of all things non-fiction Mara is thrilled to help bring the story of Jayne and Adonis to life.

A few months ago, filmmaker Jonathan Sutak travelled to Arkansas for the annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. Over an early breakfast at The Pancake Shop, an affable waitress named Jayne told him an incredible story about her friendship with an injured wild vulture named Adonis. He was missing three toes and half a wing, and remained grounded on a stretch of road not too far from town.

Coincidentally, film programmer Mara Bresnahan had a similar conversation with Jayne a few days earlier. When Mara and Jonathan met at the festival, they exchanged details from their interactions and noted how they each couldn’t stop thinking about that bird. They knew they wanted to meet Adonis – and Jonathan happened to have packed a camera.

What they documented that afternoon was only the beginning of a project both Mara and Jonathan couldn’t be more thrilled about continuing. They’ve found a quaint, historical setting in Hot Springs, Arkansas. They’ve uncovered a beloved heroine in Jayne Lakhani. And at the center of it all, there’s that disabled wild bird who, legally speaking, should have been euthanized.

Vultureville is the wild story of two complex souls, one human and one feathered, intersecting in The Bible Belt’s “Den of Sin.” What led Jayne to care for Adonis? And what path will the two of them – as well as this documentary – end up taking?